The fastest way to drive traffic to your Forex salesletter is pay-per-click traffic. All the major search engines offer a PPC option that enables you to get started with minimum investment. However Forex is a hypercompetitive market. Clicks are expensive and it’s easy to lose money without the right strategy.

In this brief article, we’ll discuss three critical foundations to put into place before you start driving PPC traffic to your Forex website. With these tactics, you have the opportunity to turn your PPC traffic into profit.

#1 Use a Pop-up Opt-in or Squeeze Page to Build Your List

Many Forex launches use PPC to drive semi-targeted traffic to their main website. The problem is that at $10+ a click, a 2% conversion makes it difficult to make a profit. A Squeeze Page doubles your chance for a sale. Here’s why. First you get the opportunity to get a name and address for follow-up marketing.

Second, after you’ve received a sign-up you can still direct the subscriber to your sales page. Without you squeeze page, every customer that leaves your website is gone forever. With the squeeze page you have the chance to convert the person at a later point and recoup your upfront investment clickfunnels $19 plan

#2 Send to Salesletter with Backend Offer

With PPC, it is critical that you have a product funnel that has a back-end product. Your back end product is the additional sale that will add profit to the front end transaction. Again, with high upfront PPC click prices, much of your front end profit will be given away buying the traffic. Like #1, a back-end offer increases your chances of recouping your per-visitor costs.

#3 Use PPC to Create Conversion Proof for Affiliate Marketers

PPC is a rapid and effective testing tool that is often overlooked by Forex marketers. Use PPC to establish the conversion rates for your salesletter and work out any snags in your purchase process. Keep track of these statistics because they are useful for convincing affiliates that you have a high-conversion product.

Remember that PPC is a numbers game. Google makes it extremely easy to pay for all the traffic you want. It’s up to you to use a squeeze page, add a backend offer, and test to find the profitable combination. Start slow, make small investments and ramp-up when you have a sales process that is consistently profitable.