Building A Marketing Funnel – Finding Those That Want To Do Business With You

Real Estate Business Promotion Funnel Breakdown

Personally, I like to think of this as building a marketing funnel for your own property industry rather than a sales funnel that many men and women predict this particular idea. Imagine an reverse pyramid. Everybody is in it, everyone else you meet, everyone that comes into your advertising portal, everybody that comes to your site, every one that calls youpersonally, everybody that emails you for advice, everybody that reacts to a your bandit hints, everyone you meet at a media meeting, everybody that sees one of your videos on the web or reads one of your articles – these individuals are typical at the very top of the earnings funnel levels.

This consists of individuals clickfunnels pricing cost who know you. They may or might not be the perfect prospect for you to conduct business withyour own mother, your dad, your sister, your brother, teacher, preacherand girl you met at the gym – these are all those which are at the peak of that pyramid.

Just below that in the event that you should draw this onto a piece of paper, most of us understand very well what a pyramid resembles, I’m assuming, not the ancient Egyptian history would be an pre-requisite for reading an online article, but let us assume most of us know what a creature is. Towards the very best if you’ve got a line that’s about two inches wide, only below it you’ve got a lineup that is roughly an inch shorter, about an inch wide and it’s listed below it.

First line is all those people I just mentioned- just underneath who are those that you opt to follow – only below that is another line, which can be those who agree to receive your followup and simply underneath which can be people who want the exact same and ask additional info.

What do I mean by that? Somebody can give me permission to follow up with them, but they aren’t a real person till they raise their hand and say”Hey, tell me this,” or ask a question. You should have something within your follow up sequence when building a promotion funnel that defines those individuals who do raise their hands from those people who are such as a cold fish simply laying there.

If you should be taking a look at your piece of paper and you’re actually drawing with me personally, you’ve so far got four tiers plus so they always get bigger. What we’re building here is a inverted pyramid. In case you were to continue going down the subsequent three levels would be levels of becoming associated with them.

What do I really mean by that? In your real estate industry promotion funnel, or really one for any firm, you should really have different ways someone will get involved with you. Let’s imagine, as an example, you are a large financial company. A flat five would-be – level one, twothree and four I’ve already shared with you – a degree five are they will have raised their hand and said they are enthusiastic about you after up with them and right now is that the time they wish to devote a loan program, and that means you’d find a 1003 filled out.

Degree half your sales funnel levels are you own a dialog with them . You follow up with those people in another way in your marketing funnel. Obviously, some of this will really be automated, and when you aren’t using automatic followup tools you’re passing up the time you might be spending new prospects.

Level seven are those who do a loan together with you personally if you should be a large financial company. Today, we’re seven levels heavy going from Alevel one which might be some one who you’ve met in a seminar, or who has seen you on social media or your own mum, dad or those who comes in your orbit at all, moving all the way through Level four which can be they will have given you consent to follow them up, you wish to follow them up, plus so they’ve increased their hand requesting to learn more in several ways.

When it’s telling youpersonally, requesting a query, calling one, completing an application in your website, completing a questionnaire via your car responder arrangement that says I’m interested in (X), all of the way down through getting more special to your business at levels , six and seven with the example I gave to some mortgage loan .

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